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What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is simply the concept of delivering training in smaller 3-7 minute lessons that focus on the essential educational needs of the learner.  By delivering training in smaller, easily digestible "bites", learner retention is significantly increased, and training goals can be more efficiently met.  Over the past few years, Microlearning has become the go to eLearning methodology for organizations large and small.

Is Microlearning right for your organization?

Microlearning significantly improves learner engagement

According to a report by Software Advice, more than 50% of employees surveyed stated that they would be more interested in taking online training classes if those classes were shorter. 

This makes complete sense. With our busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to carve out time for a long training session. Imagine trying to find time during your busy day to sit in front of your computer, or smart device, for a couple hours to learn a new topic.  Chances are you’ll be interrupted at least once, and probably several times, before you’re able to complete the lesson. 

Now, imagine that you only have to carve out 5 minutes or so for each individual topic you need to learn, and you can learn each topic during separate 5 minute sessions.  Simply put, its easier for folks to set aside 5 to 10 minutes, a few times a day, than it is to set aside 45 minutes all at once.

Microlearning significantly increase information transfer and retention

According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, Microlearning increases information transfer from classroom to desk by 17%.  There are several reasons for this, but they all come back to one key factor: shorter, “bite sized” lesson are by design more focused and concise. Because microlearning courses only focus on one or two objectives at a time, with little or no clutter, learners find it much easier to key in on the important takeaways. They can get in, learn the information, and get out in a very short period of time.

The brief nature of Microlearning also helps greatly with information retention. The 3-7 minute duration of the typical microlearning course matches well with the memory capacity and attention span of most learners, but there are also practical considerations that make microlearning more effective.  Everyday distractions are a part of life.  The phone rings, or a coworker stops by you desk to ask a question, and you get distracted from your training.  With bites sized learning, this is far less of an issue. 

Learning and Development professionals prefer microlearning

More than 80% of learning and development professionals surveyed prefer microlearning to more traditional long form learning for one major reason: learners prefer it. And if the student is more comfortable and engaged with the lesson, the learning experience will be more effective.

Is Microlearning the right choice for you?  Contact me and we can discuss how implementing these modern and versatile eLearning techniques to benefit your organization.