Michael Snodgrass Training llc

Instructor led Adobe Dreamweaver CC Training

Professional Training for E-Learning, Web, Print & Video

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is an incredibly powerful editing and layout application for web design. With Dreamweaver CC you can create a single web page, a full website, an email blast or a brand new web application. Dreamweaver is packed full of tools to help both designers with little experience working with HTML5/CSS, and hand coders with years of web design experience.

Instead of focusing exclusively on learning Dreamweaver, my classes contain a heavy focus on HTML5 and CSS3 design principles, so you learn solid modern design techniques along with mastering Dreamweaver.

I'm currently offering these Adobe Dreamweaver training classes, as well as other Adobe Creative Cloud training. Customized and one-on-one classes are also available.


  • Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS
  • Web Design Basics
  • Creating a Page Layout
  • Working with Page Templates
  • Formatting Text, Lists, and Tables with CSS
  • Incorporating Images Into Your Web Page
  • Setting Up Navigation
  • Incorporating Interactivity with Behaviors
  • Publishing Your Site to the Web
  • Working with code
  • Designing for Mobile Devices

Dreamweaver CC Advanced - CSS Design (2 DAYS)

  • Working with Divs and Normailize.css
  • Understanding Floats
  • Pseudo-Classes and selectors
  • Image replacement techniques
  • Rounded corners with CSS3
  • Centering a layout
  • Creating a CSS Text navigation bar
  • Clearing floats
  • Working with sprites
  • Server-side includes (SSI)
  • CSS Media Types